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One feature of my life here in Vermont is that, from time to time, I've been asked to make remarks or write short pieces on a variety of topics, which are generally related to institutional programs or ceremonies. Most of these have simply disappeared or are so deep down in piles of paper I may never get around to digging them out. But I have retrieved a few, for the recollection of the people who attended the events or for anybody who has an interest in the subject discussed.
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Read... Jane Austen's England
Remarks Made to the Jane Austen Society of Vermont
at the Vermont College Hall Chapel  -  September 14, 2008

Read... Scientific Advances and Death:
How Might They Affect our Thinking about the Worth of Life?
A Lecture in the Series titled Exploring Death and Its Spiritual Dimensions  -  April 16, 2008

Read... The Moral Influence of Abstraction in Social and Political Debate
Remarks for the Boston Ethical Society  -  March 19, 2006

Read... The Richard Hathaway I Knew
Published in the Montpelier Bridge  -  February 24, 2006

Read... The Psychological Impact of War and Militarism in Modern America
Remarks for Students and Faculty Members at Lyndon State College
Lyndonville, Vermont  -  November 10, 2005

Read... The Press, the Public, and Closed Circles
October 18, 2004
(Published 12/17/04 in a slightly revised form in the Montpelier Bridge)

Read... The Costs of War in the Modern World
A Talk for a Conference at Lyndon State College
Lyndonville, Vermont  -  March 10, 2004

Read... The Deflating Power of Progress
A Nietzschean View of the Millennial Promise of Science
A Paper from the Millennial Studies Conference
Boston University  -  November 4, 2002

Read... Dickensian Humor and the Modern Age
A Talk at the Kellogg-Hubbard Library
Montpelier, Vermont  -  October 2, 2002

Read... A Discourse on Life, Death, and Protestantism
Noble Hall of Vermont College
Montpelier, Vermont  -  April 8, 2002

Read... Do Old People Have Duties Or Are They Beyond All That?
An Oliver Lecture at Vermont College
Montpelier, Vermont  -  November 2, 2000

Read... Remarks for New College Graduates
Presented at Commencement Exercises of Norwich University
Brattleboro, Vermont  -  June 18, 2000

Read... Loss and Gain
Remarks delivered at the Black Sun, Deep End Symposium
Prussia Cove in Cornwall  -  August 10, 1999

Read... Mind Over Millennium
Remarks Prepared For The Forum at Phillip’s Mill
March 14, 1999

Read... Concerning Edward Bellamy's Looking Backward and the Concept of Utopia
Remarks Prepared for the Vermont Judicial College, June 7, 1996

Read... Wolves, Serpents, and Doves
Remarks for Commencement Exercises
College Hall. Vermont College
Montpelier, Vermont  -  January 14, 1996

Read... Kid Stuff  -  1959: A Tale of Youth

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