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December 2004: 
America's Non-Religious Religions
In this last column for 2004, I'd like to point to the task the nation needs most to address
in the year ahead. It has to do with our spiritual health...
Do We Know When Conspiracy Theories Are Daft?
I posted a short item on my own web site about how the Democrats in the last election
were inept in responding to Republican campaign falsehoods...
The Quality of American Journalism
How good, or bad, is current American journalism? You can get a thousand answers,
all of them different. We may as well go Dickensian and say...
Grading a Worldview
The Nehemiah Institute of Stillwater, Minnesota, offers a test called "PEERS" which
will assign a numerical rating to a person's worldview...

November 2004: 
How Much Is Too Much?
At lunch recently a friend told me he can't pay as much attention to the daily news as
I do. It's poisonous, he said...
A Picture is Worth ... What?
This has been the week of a marine killing a wounded man in a mosque and of a lead-in
skit to Monday Night Football that has sent some people into a hissy fit...
What Is A Presidential Election?
In the midst of a conversation with a liberal friend last week about the election, it came
to me in a flash why Kerry and the Democrats lost...
The Right to Be Wrong?
A confusion we need to clear up in America if we're ever to approach rational politics
is the difference between rights and legal privileges...
Do We Have Sufficient Memory?
As we approach voting day, the American people need desperately to do something
many of them are not going to do...

October 2004:
Too Much Even for the Tribune
While visiting in Florida, I discovered that my old hometown newspaper, the Tampa
Tribune, which I had reluctantly come to regard as a right wing rag, declined to...
Energy and Political Paralysis
Nothing shows the dysfunction of the American political system more clearly than the
debate about energy policy...
Who Wants Intelligence?
Last Wednesday, I went to my local college to hear a talk sponsored by the Osher
Institute. The speaker was Haviland Smith, a former CIA agent...

September 2004:
The Language Deficit
I've argued repeatedly, in many of the items I've written over the past several
years, that in America we don't have an adequate vocabulary for discussing...
The Most Obvious Political Philosophy
Last night on the Bill Maher show I heard humorist P. J. O'Rourke say that the quality
he most liked about America is that it remains a country where...
History and War
The feature of American politics I find most frustrating is the refusal of both politicians
and media to discuss anything in historical context...
How Likable Is He, Otherwise?
Over the past week I've heard exclamations from at least two dozen people on TV about
how essentially  pleasing President Bush is in his person...

August 2004:
Truth, the Vilifier
Along with the descent into the Swift Boat controversy have come calls for returning
the presidential campaign to issues...
Liberty or Larceny?
There has been scant reporting from Iraq about the causes for the resistance to the
occupation and the government that emerged from it. It's as though...
Politicians, the Media, and the Voters
There are many things at stake in the current presidential campaign. But one of the
most significant receives scant attention from the major media...

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