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December 2009: 
The punditry is easing into philosophy, which sets off waves of fatuity but altogether
is not a bad development. It may...
What Works?
Consider this argument which has become a mainstay of the Obama Justice

November 2009: 
Meat as Food
At a holiday gathering a few days ago I said that within thirty years half of the
American population would be vegetarians. Most of the people there...
One Clarity Among Confusions
It is impossible for anyone to project accurately the effects of currency manipulations
by nations around the world. We hear...
In the Pack or Not?
Recently I've become more aware of a personal condition that I've recognized vaguely
for most of my life. That's probably because...
Changing Definitions
I was interested to see in yesterday's New York Times an essay by Caroline Alexander
about how ancient mythologies continue to shape our thinking about...
An Ominous Eviction
It's possible for political divisions in a country to become so vehement that truth
becomes irrelevant. I'm afraid we're...

October 2009: 
Phantoms and Afghanistan
Have you ever asked yourself what the evidence is for the existence of al-Qaeda
as it is regularly depicted in the...
A Query Brought to Light
Andrew Sullivan of The Atlantic has finally put into public discussion a question
that everyone who pays attention to political talk shows must have asked himself...
The Ordinary Guy
The most talked-about phenomenon in American political life right now is the
ordinary guy coupled to his anger. And the main question...
Presidential Demise
If we can believe the pundits, Barack Obama is done for. The ABC Sunday morning
talk show yesterday was a chorus of doom. Obama didn't...

September 2009: 
Transforming the Average
Many of the articles I read this morning touched an underlying issue which may
well become the principal topic of journalism -- the gap between...
A Problem of Mind
When you come out of the Wauchula Wal-Mart parking lot and turn onto Rea Road,
there's a sign across the street advertising...
Biblical Truths
While I was visiting in Atlanta, a family member told me he had recently read
Bart Ehrman's God's Problem and recommended it to me as...

August 2009: 
Where Are We?
It's hard to know whether public conditions are as ominous as we are led to believe
by the media. I don't mean just...
A Small But Crippling Imperfection
A wave of fear is coursing through those who most avidly supported Barack Obama in
his march to the White House. They think they see signs that...
Disparate Views
If you get your perception of public conditions in America from ranging fairly widely
on the internet, you would...

July 2009: 
I have been somewhat spotty in my posting recently because my two grandsons have
been staying with us during July. They require more...
History, Its Strains and Dangers
A friend of mine has been writing a commencement address which draws analogies
between the American Revolution and certain aspects of liberal learning...
There is wide agreement that our political process is paralyzed. Serious problems
confront us but because of...
We have had a spate of deaths among well-known people recently...

June 2009: 
Lost Myth
I suspect that most Americans born near the middle of the last century are like me.
They grew up believing that...
The sense of failure in the United States now is palpable and growing. It's hard to
imagine anything in the...
History's Deepest Psychosis
The emerging debate over health care reform offers us one more piece of evidence
about a human mental illness that...
Civilization: When or Ever?
From the dollar rack of the Country Bookshop in Plainfield I bought the second part
of Kenneth Clark's autobiography, titled appropriately, The Other Half...
An Identifiable People
As I return to this column which I let lapse for six weeks as I was undergoing a
medical procedure, what happened to me during that period is...

April 2009: 
Theories of Intelligence
Among English words that are most frequently used in confused and misleading
ways, "intelligence" must come pretty close to...
Lunacy on the Rise
The world seems crazier to me now than it once did. That may be an illusion
created by the more numerous...
Religious Use of Politics
Often, there floats into my mind T.S. Eliot's admonition that one should not spend
his whole life making sure that...

March 2009: 
Back from Exile
I have emerged, once again, from Hardee County and I can give personal testimony
that it really does have...
Naif in the Wider World
I'm joking a bit when I describe myself as a naif. I don't suppose many would grant
me the title...
A Different Age
There are turning points in history. Marking their beginnings is an inexact art
which never achieves universal consent...
The Dominating Question
In the Washington Post this morning, E. J. Dionne has the most important column
we've seen in years...

February 2009: 
Is it just a sense peculiar to me or do we concentrate more of our lives on special
events than used to be the case...
The two principal columns in the New York Times this morning spoke of a society on
the way up and a society on the way down...
Democracy With a Vengeance
The events of the past few days have given us a clearer definition of centrism: the
thrust to...
Another Obfuscation
We now have yet one more big term that is serving to confuse discussion of government
because it is on everyone's lips and each person who uses it seems...

January 2009: 
Bombs Away
The deaths in Masamut, a village in eastern Afghanistan, have set off the most recent
controversy about...
Nixon Agonistes
I just got back from a local library when I went to talk about Garry Wills's study from
the early 1970s titled, Nixon Agonistes...
Yesterday, on Fox News Sunday, George Bush said the most truthful thing he has
uttered during his presidency...
We've all seen films in which the government of a small, isolated town has fallen into the
hands of a criminal gang...

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