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December 2010: 
Enhanced Amity?
There has been much discussion lately, in newspapers and on Web sites, about
whether the bipartisanship of the lame duck session will...
Christmas 2010
Saturday will be my least festive Christmas ever -- by far. I suppose that's all right.
We will be...
In the July 2002 issue of Household & Products Industry, Veronica MacDonald
published an article titled...
Salman Rushdie
I watched most of Salman Rushdie's three hour interview on Book TV yesterday. It
was a delight. Rushdie is...

November 2010: 
Wow! Look at Us!
I see that Karen Tumulty has a long article in the Washington Post today telling us
that American exceptionalism has become a big political issue. You can...
Transition Blues
I've heard numerous disconsolate comments lately about the state of the country,
and not just on TV. People in...
A trip away from home lasting thirty-nine days is not an inconsiderable thing. Even
though it took in only...
Rewards of the Insular Life
When I'm at home most of the people I meet are strongly interested in national and
international events and developments. But...
One Among Many
We're getting numerous explanation for the political, if not governmental, failure of
the first two years of the Obama administration. So I may as well...

October 2010: 
Scratching an Itch
Here in Hardee County I conceived a desire to read Schopenhauer. Whether the
character of the county had...
Here I am in Hardee County again. Before I arrived I made a deep and solemn vow I
would not write anything denigratory about Hardy County, so...

September 2010: 
Assassin in Chief
The Obama administration astounds me by their position on civil rights. The president
is going into court and claiming the right to...
The Reality of Lucre
When you read an essay like Paul Krugman's column this morning about the anger of
the rich, and realize that its thesis is correct, that the rich...
Shallow Distractions
I have just read two books about how modern modes of life, and in particular electronic
communications, are reconfiguring the brain. The problem is...

August 2010: 
Common Sense
A standard feature of science fiction disaster movies is that knowledgeable scientists
are considered utter kooks by the experts of convention, that is until...
Head Sickness
When I was a boy almost every adult male I knew thought the same way. My father had
a phrase he repeated automatically whenever any controversial issue might arise...

July 2010: 
The only run-in I ever had with the Customs Department -- and it's probably an
exaggeration to...
Political Determinants
It's obvious that in any large group of people, such as the population of a nation, there
will be a variety of dispositions. People will be...

June 2010: 
Gun Rights
The Supreme Court's decision this morning which proclaims that local regulations
can’t override federal laws concerning gun ownership prompts me to...
Democracy and Lying
Defenders of democracy generally offer procedural protections against horrendous
outcomes. Yes, they will say, a majority may sometimes...
Momentous Options
Sometime in the past fifty years the American people got it into their heads that
ignorance has no consequences. From that position it was...
Martha Nussbaum
I spent three hours yesterday listening to Martha Nussbaum on Book TV's "In Depth."
That's NPR's interview program which plays the first Sunday of every month and...

May 2010: 
Lost in Confusion and Wonderment
Lost teaches us this, at least: there are growing numbers of people in America who
don't have to have answers, who can...
The Times and Thought
I notice that the New York Times has launched a new series on philosophy to be
called "The Stone." I'm glad to see it though I wish...
The Ongoing Battle
Digby on her web site this morning made a confession which struck a personal note
with me. Here it is: "I often make the mistake of thinking that...
Political Reconfiguring
It's widely recognized that something is badly wrong with the American
political system...

April 2010: 
The General Rule
Paul Krugman warns us once again this morning in his New York Times column
that the recent financial breakdown came not from honest mistakes but...
Treating the Mind
In the New Yorker for March 1st there was a review by Louis Menand of several books
on the foibles and self-deception of psychotherapy...
Joys and Burdens of the Past
I'm writing this in my cousin's house on Dunwoody Club Road in northern Atlanta.
It's pleasant here on an April morning, about as pleasant a place as...

March 2010: 
To Have, To Make, and To Be
Residing temporarily here in central Florida has reminded me powerfully that a
goodly percentage of people, and perhaps a majority, think...
What Makes What?
Among people who argue about the nature of government there's a long-standing
discussion about whether politics rises out of culture or whether politics...

February 2010: 
Who Are They?
The most mysterious entity in American political discourse are -- or is -- the people.
Using just ordinary sense you might...
It's hard to believe but it seems to be the case that President Obama and his chief
advisors don't know what people actually mean when...
National Defense
The U.S. military and defense system is a vast empire devoted principally to
sucking the blood out of the nation it is supposed to...
What Sort of New Age?
David Gelernter, professor of computer science at Yale and a person regularly
described as a "visionary," gained a small slice of fame for himself about ten years
ago by...

January 2010: 
Our Cultural Season
In America, everything is changing -- or, at least, most everything. Things may be
changing elsewhere in the world too, but...
Arthur C. Danto
As I may have mentioned here before, whenever I go to Chicago I make visits to
Powell's Bookstore on 57th Street, a few blocks east of the university. Powell's is...
American Mind
Watching the Sunday morning talk shows yesterday, the question came to me
whether the guests on these programs...
Fear and Fear Mongering
There's a passage in Anne Norton's Leo Strauss and the Politics of American Empire
that reminds me of many of the news articles I've been reading lately... 

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