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October 24:  The Self
Lately I’ve been in a frame of mind that doesn’t allow the posting of the kind of
critical and political essays that I used to put here almost every day... To break
out of the paralysis, I...

October 1:  Morality and Killing
The United States government has just killed an American citizen named Anwar
al-Awlaki. Many people think that’s okay. In fact...

July 28:  Reading
In attempts to reach out to the world, you’ll get a response about ten percent of the
time. I have learned this through...

June 25:  Reading Away from Home
Reading may be the most individual of acts. Each of us does it differently,
depending on...

June 2:  What Do You Do?
I may have mentioned here before that since I gave up being employed by institutions,
people ask me what I do with myself nowadays, a question I find...

May 25:  At the Start
In his grand new biography of Friedrich Nietzsche, Julian Young speaks of “the
earliest terrors of an imaginative child.” There’s no doubt that...

May 19:  Relaunch
Initially the pieces posted here under the heading of "From Liberty Street" were
written for the Harvard Square Commentary...

May 9:  The Nature of Groups
In the aftermath of It's Great To Be an American Because We Killed Osama bin Laden
Week, I'm obliged to confess that...

April 18:  The Dissembling Manner
I watched Paul Ryan on Face the Nation yesterday. Virtually everything he said was
absurd.  But...

April 11:  Opponent or Something Else?
It has amused me that many people who are eager to talk up compromise and
bipartisanship are also more than willing to...

April 4:  Computer Woes
I'm never sure how much time and effort I should devote to learning how my computer
works. Most of the time I don't...

March 28:  A Disastrous Future?
The two most pressing questions now seem to be...

March 21:  The People
As some of you know, I've been reading up on Virginia Woolf lately and learning a
bit more about her than I knew before, mainly through...

March 14:  Modes of Mind
A tension I am gripped by more and more often nowadays is the contrast between
the political and the literary mind. Is it possible to...

March 7:  Old Folks
A friend sent me a video clip of Ginger Rogers dancing with her 29-year-old great
grandson. To say that, at 92, she's astounding would probably be...

February 28:  The Biggest Whopper
Republicans lie all the time and about almost everything but I'm beginning to think
the biggest lie they tell, and certainly the one that does the most damage, is...

February 21:  Poor Hillary Redux
Last week I wrote a short essay about Hillary Clinton, expressing some sympathy for
the situation in which she finds herself. Of all the figures in public life, she...

February 7:  Super Bowl 45
I watched the Super Bowl on TV last night. There was a pretty good football game,
a bit ragged but spirited and very close. But...

January 31:  Infinity
The concept of infinity is very frightening for some people and intensely fascinating
for others. If you're sane...

January 24:  From Whence?
Now and then I think about my grandfather's birth and death dates. He was
born in 1878...

January 17:  Politics and Life
I think often of this snippet from Samuel Johnson, which he contributed to Oliver
Goldsmith's Traveller...

January 10:  Underlying Conditions
Clearly, it's impossible to make a precise connection between the acts of a given
psychopath and public attitude and tone. Anyone who...

January 3:  The Great Word Utilizer
Now and then I find myself needing a dose of Macaulay -- Thomas Babington, that is...

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