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The appearance of Aberdeen impresses some people and repulses others. The great stretches of granite are too cold for some tastes, but in a certain light they sparkle as though they were encrusted with jewels. These photographs are from the late afternoon and early evening of May 12, when it was fairly chilly. But as the evening wore on great numbers of teenagers began to flock up and and down Union Street, in high spirits, usually wearing little more than tee shirts. Fashion was definitely more important than comfort for these youthful Aberdonians. The plaza at the eastern end of Union Street is called Castlegate. It's the site of the city cross and its outskirts are dotted with restaurants and pubs. But since most of the business establishments are to the west, the plaza can feel lonely when a frosty breeze sweeps through it. Union Street is said by guidebooks to be the grandest avenue in Scotland and though I'm not sure I would go that far, it does leave a lasting graphic memory.
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