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If you want to see remote Florida the way it was before Disney World and the tourist deluge, you might try to make your way to the sole fishing camps on the shores of Blue Cypress Lake, about thirty miles inland from Vero Beach. But you should be aware: it's not easy to get there. The final five miles is over a washboard dirt road that will make you wish you were driving a rented car. And don't expect to find anything elegant other than nature. It remains a real fishing camp with few of the comforts modern tourists have come to expect. On the other hand, if you're in the mood for lazy peace, and ospreys feeding their young in huge treetop nests, and alligators cruising stealthily through dark-water lagoons, and a sparkling lake spreading for miles, Blue Cypress might be just the place for you. This is the Florida I knew as a child. Most of it is now gone away and I suspect all of it will be gone in another twenty years. It can't coexist alongside big money. And when it has been developed out of existence something of value will have been lost.
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Blue Cypress Lake