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Most Vermonters, when they drive west to Burlington, think of it as Vermont's biggest shopping area-- certainly not large by the standards of the rest of the nation but in the Vermont context, gigantic.  It's not associated in their minds with the features of a  resort.  But just three short blocks from downtown is the shore of Lake Champlain. And along that shore now is a stretch of parks and docks and eating establishments which if they were seen by themselves might be mistaken for a little piece of Switzerland.
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Burlington Waterfront
Vermonters aren't much in the habit of gazing across the water to the mountains of New York. But if they take the time they will see shades of blue merging into white shadows that look as though someone had painted them for the effect.

Lake Champlain isn't the ocean but it has its own fascinations, if one takes the time to look for them. And here they are, right close to home, so close in fact that they tend to slip beneath the attention of most of us.