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The Country Bookshop
I just went by there and discovered that his section on literary criticism has expanded dramatically since the last time I checked. I found a volume from the uniform edition of the works of Lionel Trilling I’ve wanted for a long time. I think people who do things like Ben did are far more to be admired than someone who climbs up to head a large organization. They seldom become “big” in the American sense of the term, but they add a richness and independenceto all our lives that makes American freedom real. I hope people will keep on doing things their friends tell them are crazy, and keep on making a go of them despite the odds.
The Country Bookshop in Plainfield is owned and operated by my old friend and former student Ben Koenig. Years ago when Ben told his friends he was going into the used book business, we all told him he was crazy. It’s impossible to make a living that way, we said. Yet, somehow Ben has made a living and now he has a substantial bookstore with a rich collection. And, it seems to get better all the time.