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Fleet Street, past where Temple Bar once stood, still emits the aura of being a great journalistic stretch even though all the newspapers and magazines once published there have departed for more economic sites. London is a strange town in that though it's being transformed everyday by massive construction projects it continues to have pockets that remind you of the grandeurs of the past.  And Fleet Street is one of them. If you walk on up about five blocks from where this picture was taken, you'll come to the Cheshire Cheese on your left, and by it a little alley which leads back into Gough Square, where Dr. Johnson's four story house -- the place where the dictionary was assembled -- still stands as it did more than two hundred fifty years ago.  There are also lots of good coffee shops on Fleet Street, just as there were when Johnson rumbled up and down the way. There's even a very good Starbucks, which manages to combine fine features of both England and America. I don't know what Johnson would have made of Starbucks, but maybe he wouldn't have been as harsh as we might suppose.
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Fleet Street