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Back "Home" in Georgia
Georgia will always be for me a place of romance. I know that will sound silly to some who see it as a big, hot, benighted Southern state. But it was the place where I first came to full consciousness, where I went to college, and where I roamed about with the girl I was eventually able to marry. Atlanta was the first city I knew that had something of sophistication. Clearly, it wasn’t very developed by the standards of modern New York or Los Angeles, but when I went there to go to college, it had restaurants, it had bookstores, it had theatres, it had a bustling downtown area, it had a place where you could actually buy cheesecake after a movie, and to experience all that was a kind  of magic. And then, in the spring, Atlanta blossoms like no other place I have ever seen. The dogwoods turn it into fairy land. I remember once my girl and I, after a dance, went out on a golf course, and walked among the dogwoods until the sun came up. And when the first light touched the petals, it made a scene that will never fade out of my heart. Even now, when I cross the border, coming from some other place, I feel like I'm home.