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The pictures here were taken on September 15, 2005, very early in the morning as the sun began to seep into the canyon, highlighting some features and leaving others in mysterious shade. It was chilly walking along the rim, down below freezing. But when you see the canyon, it's hard to feel anything other than awe.
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Grand Canyon of the Colorado
The only difference I observed on this trip was the increase in foreign visitors, especially the number of Chinese. They show that the Grand Canyon is not so much an American thing as it is a world thing, and that people all over the world see it as belonging to them.
I'm not usually willing to compare great things because the quality of greatness implies distinction that can't be compared. But if I were forced to say what is the greatest of natural phenomena I would have to name the Grand Canyon of the Colorado. I don't believe there's anything else on earth that's quite as impressive. When I went there about a week ago, after forty-four years, I found the canyon exactly as I remembered it. Once you see it, the impression made on the mind can never fade or go away.