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The school I attended in Tampa, Florida, so many years ago I don't want to tell you how long, is a fairly impressive institution, at least physically. It's hard to say how good it is educationally because my memory of how it was when I went there is faulty and my knowledge of how it is now is nonexistent. Nevertheless, it gave me quite a tug when I went there recently and took these pictures.

I learned from a teacher in one of the parking lots that the number of students is about the same, in the range of two thousand. They have more space to spread out in than we did because quite a few adjunct structures have been constructed to the rear of the main building. But from the front, Hillsborough High School looks about as it did.

I can't say the school has produced many notable people. The most famous I know of are baseball stars Dwight Gooden and Gary Sheffield. They attended long after I had left. But I still have an affection for the kids that were there with me, and, in particular, for one of them whom I married and is the mother of my daughters. I first saw her in Mrs. Reby's chemistry class and there was something about her that held my attention from the start.

It may not be a good thing to go back to the places where you were young. In my case it does vigorous things to my stomach -- twisting sort of things. But, still, I did it, and here is one of the results.
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