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Michael's on the Hill
The restaurant occupies an old Vermont farm house which perches on a flat spot up the rise that ascends from the highway. Aside from being larger than the average farm house there's little distinctive about it. The menu posted on the entrance porch lists entrees ranging from $16.95 to $27.95, not terrible by city standards but moderately pricey for Vermont. The choice of foods is standard American eclectic -- chicken, ham, lamb, beef and seafood. I'm not a perfect recommender of restaurants since virtually every one I've attended has struck me as a less good place to eat than my kitchen (People with good appetites are cut off from the ecstasies of fine dining since they like almost everything, and one thing is about as pleasurable to them as another). Still, I would guess that if a group of friends went to Michael's on the Hill for the evening they would have an enjoyable time.
Four miles up from Interstate 89 on Route 100 going into Stowe is Michael's on the Hill. Until about two years ago it was the Villa Tregara, an Italian restaurant with a fairly good reputation. I ate there once and as I recall the food was tasty, though I have to admit that restaurant food is not a thing I remember distinctly more than twenty-four hours after I take it in. I have not eaten at Michael's on the Hill. This afternoon (May 12, 2004) I poked my head into the sales room of the Grand View Winery, about a mile south, and asked the lady there about Michael's. She assured me that some of her friends who are very picky eaters have told her that the food there is excellent.