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Plainfield Falls
In the center of Plainfield, the Winooski River flows over a spillway which isn't seen by many people because it's directly below the bridge running down into the town from U.S. Route 2. The building just above it on the south side of the highway is a gloomy pile which gives the impression it's about to topple over into the stream bed. But, it has been standing right there for as long as I've been going to Plainfield. I have no idea when it was built. To actually see the falls, you have clamber down a rocky path leading from the town parking lot. The river below the town flows through a wooded patch before it emerges about a half-mile farther along among fields that in September are still sprouting green stalks of corn. It's a pleasant little spot, not at all spectacular, but fully possessing the charm that always goes with lively water. My sense is we don't take enough advantage of places like that. They're all around us and we pass them by for years with scarcely a glance.