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The Post Office in Montpelier
I have said that the post office in Montpelier is the worst post office in America, which is definitely unfair. I have not been in every post office in America. Yet, among the ones I have been in, the Montpelier post office is pretty near the bottom. A couple years ago, it was reburbished, which was supposed to make it better. A “store” was added (really just a counter along the wall) which the postmaster told me was going to make it possible to buy stamps and envelopes without standing in line. But since the store is virtually never open, it doesn’t help in that respect. I don’t want to be misunderstood. The employees of the post office are not bad. They are generally courteous and helpful. But the place is normally understaffed so that you have to stand in line almost every time you go in,and
sometimes for quite a while. I take it this is in keeping with management practices which are supposed to make the U. S. Postal Service an operation that pays for itself. But, I wonder why it has to pay for itself. The U. S. Air Force doesn’t pay for itself. I would rather pay taxes for an adequate post office than I would for bigger bombs. But, then, that may simply show how peculiar I am. There is, however, one feature of the post office I am sure of. It is housed in the ugliest building in Montpelier, which also contains federal government offices upstairs. I guess there is something monstrously appropriate in that.