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The River Run Restaurant
The River Run in Plainfield is said by some to be world famous. I don’t know about that even though it has been written up by the New York Times. David Mamet called it “the best place on earth,” which I suppose does offer it a measure of fame. It’s only the most recent restaurant to occupy the little house near the bridge coming down into town from U.S. 2. I, myself, have eaten in at least two of its predecessors. But, I’ll admit, that since Jimmy and Maya Kennedy opened River Run in 1991, they’ve given it a flair the others didn’t have. I ate there today (May 6, 2004) with my friend Bob Barasch, and had a grilled ham and cheese sandwich which cost $6.50. That’s steep by previous standards, but then I guess prices have risen everywhere, even in Plainfield.
This is where the River Run is moving, in the side with the Salada Tea sign. I don't know if the dog upstairs is part of the deal.
In any case, River Run is going big time by moving next door, where there will be more space for tables and a porch at the back by the River. We’ll have to see if it can maintain its folksy quality when it moves to sumptuous quarters. I would guess that the clientele will keep it from becoming too elegant.