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Sanibel and Captiva are barrier islands about a mile off the shore, a little less than twenty miles southwest of Fort Myers. Like most of the islands along that portion of the Florida coast, they have been turned into preserves for the rich. You even have to pay six dollars to drive over the series of bridges and causeways to get there, one of the many devices, I suppose, to help keep out the riffraff.
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Sanibel and Captiva
They are beautiful, after a fashion, a social world without a hair out of place, so to speak. One might even say they approximate an idea of paradise. They are also, however, a powerful demonstration that humans are unfit to imagine utopia. There's a blandness about wealthy world that might, after a time, drive you completely mad.
I can imagine enjoying myself there for about a week. But I think, after that, I would begin to feel a powerful urge to escape. As I drove back across the causeway on the evening of November 10th,  I experienced a growing sense of liberty, and I even began to have sympathy for those I was leaving behind, imprisoned in their sun-drenched luxury.

Not that they knew they needed it.