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Sarducci's Restaurant
Sarducci’s Restaurant in Montpelier, just by the Main Street Bridge, is said by its patrons to be the best restaurant in the world. That’s a silly thing to say. There’s no yardstick that can tell us which is the best restaurant any more than there’s one that can tell us who’s the best person. But, I will say that Sarducci’s (reputedly named after Father Guido) is a very good restaurant, and not just because the food is delectable and relatively inexpensive. Sarducci’s is a place with atmosphere, and it’s one that speaks of sunny manners in a spot that’s often not sunny at all. When you walk into Sarducci’s, even on the coldest day, you instantly feel warm. My favorite dish there is Penne Pugliese. I must have eaten it at least twenty times, and every time it has been just as good as the time before. I don’t know that I will ever eat anything else when I go to Sarducci’s. But if I don’t, that’ll be okay.