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An interesting thing happened while I was taking the photographs. A man in what I thought was a blue Scientology tee shirt walked up and asked why I was taking the pictures.

"Why am I taking them?" I responded.

"Yes," He said.

"So I can have them to look at when I get home," I answered.

"You may be wondered why I asked," he countered.

"Yes," I answered.

"Because I'm curious," he offered as he walked away.

I found the encounter a bit creepy, but I don't suppose there was any harm in it. I certainly hope not.

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Scientology Complex
May 8, 2012

As I promised yesterday, I did walk down to get a few pictures of the Scientology complex. I wanted to make sure that those of you who haven't seen it wouldn't think I was exaggerating when I said it was very blue.