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East from Savannah, just south of where the Savannah River pours into the Atlantic, is Tybee Island. Promotional brochures say you can drive there from downtown Savannah in less than twenty minutes, but that, I'm afraid, is a fib. After you've been driving from downtown for more than twenty minutes, you see a sign which says that Tybee is twelve miles farther on, and the roads are not such that you can approach a mile a minute. But whether it takes forty or fifty minutes doesn't much matter. Once you get there you see it was worth the drive.

Not that Tybee is fancy. In fact, its non-fanciness is its appeal. The business there is mostly tourism, but it's not the same sort that you find, generally, down the south Atlantic coast. It's definitely quiet on Tybee and even though I wasn't there during the height of the tourist season and, so, can't be sure about later, I suspect it's fairly quiet even in July.
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Tybee Island
The beach is quite wide all along the sea side. The sand is white and firm-packed near the water, so that if you're energetic enough to want to jog you'll find good footing.
Along with the sand, the building code must be quite firm too because there are no high-rises along the beach, nor anywhere else. The island power structure may allow four stories, but most of the hotels are three, or less. Building height adds to the sense of old-fashion so that on Tybee, if you're of mature years, you can recall what it was like when you were a child going with your family to the beach. Not all conservatism is a bad thing.
Right off the end of the village street is a big pavilion which launches a pier into the ocean. You can fish out there if you wish but I can't believe that even Tybee's conservatism provides the catch that could have been had fifty years ago. Still, the pavilion is a pleasant place and would provide a fine setting for a hot dog if it were a hot day.
I don't know what people do when they go to the beach. I suppose it depends on how old they are. But maybe the point for persons of any age is not to do much, and, if that's the case, Tybee would be a pretty good place to do it.