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Until a few years ago, Urquhart Castle along the shore of Loch Ness was merely a picturesque ruin which could be viewed from a car park along the road. But now a tasteful visitors' center has been built which not only provides access to the ruins but has a well-made film which gives a history of the place. And there is not a hint in the whole center of the monster.

The views up and down the lake are striking and on the day we were there, May 14th, the gorse was in full bloom which gave the site even more color.
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Urquhart Castle
As we were about to leave, I saw one of the attendants hurry up to another and say, "There's a boat coming with ninety Germans on it." For a moment, I thought I had been projected back sixty-six years but then I realized she was talking about one of the lake steamers which stops at Urquhart as a part of its tour.

Since we had managed to be there when the grounds were uncrowded we decided to preserve that image and leave before the boat arrived. But I hope the now peaceful Germans enjoyed their visit as much as we did.