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Whenever I'm in Bowling Green, I drive down Route 17 for about six miles to the Wauchula Wal-Mart. And it always presents me with a metaphysical difficulty. For one thing, it's a Super Center, so when I walk through its doors I'm always acutely aware I'm about to experience supercenterdom. The exact difference between it and ordinary centerdom is hard to express. But it is palpable. Yet a grander mysterium arises...
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Visiting the Wal-Mart Supercenter
from the Wal-Mart customers. These are divided into two easily distinguishable groups -- former residents of Mexico and the enlisted ranks of the George Bush nation, whom uncharitable people from the Northeast tend to call Rednecks. Currently the two groups are about equal in number. They eye one another uneasily but they are more or less required to cooperate economically. They've got to live together in Hardee County and their manner of interaction will determine the quality of life in this part of Florida. Meanwhile, Wal-Mart will keep on making money off both of them. Whether that's an abomination, or not, is a question not even philosophers can untangle.