May 12, 2005

Now we have reports from Afghanistan that, during interrogation, American soldiers flushed the Koran down a toilet. The people don't like it. They are rioting in the streets, The police have killed some of them and wounded a lot more.

Hamid Karzai, the American backed president, who is off in Brussels, announces that the incidents show that the police have not yet been trained sufficiently to handle protests. Translated, this means, that he wants more American money. Mr. Karzai doesn't seem much interested in whether the Koran was actually flushed. And if it was, what would he do about it? He can't do anything, of course, and that's why he can't win the support of his people.

Isn't it obvious that no one who is the puppet of an occupying army can ever be a popular leader?

That's the bitter truth about both Afghanistan and Iraq that, somehow, the American media manage to ignore. They dutifully report Washington's propaganda about how democratic institutions are evolving in both countries, and then something like the Koran-down-the-toilet comes along to show just how questionable the story is.

Meanwhile, Congress has just given the president another eighty billion dollars to keep the occupying forces in place.

Are we really so stupid we don't see where all this is headed? Hundreds of billions spent that could have been applied to strengthening our own country. Tens of thousands killed and their relatives blaming and hating the United States for generations. Vast fortunes compiled by the heads of corporations, which could not exist if there were not ongoing military adventures. This is the democracy we are preaching to the rest of the world. And we seem perplexed because they don't want to eat it up.

©John R. Turner

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